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Cycling for Fitness: Pleasure, Pain, or Both?

To an extent, I understand and participate in the whole idea of “pain is pleasure” when it comes to cycling. I’ve got limits, though. If I had the want to and I applied myself a little more, I’d be riding with the A Group on our Tuesday night club rides. I’d tried for years until we formed the B Group and I found a happy home. We’re exceptionally fast (visitors have said our B Group is everyone else’s A Group), but it’s more a controlled speed. The A Guys, while they regularly finish one or two miles per hour faster, tend to “race” with attacks on hills, gaps, bridges, etc. while we B Groupers tend to use Tuesday night as a club ride; a 22 – 24-mph average four our pace-line is the goal and we try to get as many as we can to the final sprint after 28-ish miles. We are a “drop” ride, but without a goal to drop people. The A ride is “everyone but the last guy gets dropped” ride.

I’m simply not that guy. I tried to be… I did the whole “puke in my mouth”, “hurl on the top tube” thing. I just don’t have that last extra push to get over the top… because why? I’m 50 years-old… I love to enjoy my time on the bike while being fast in the process. I simply don’t get into the “suffering” as much.

I have friends who do and, to be honest, sometimes I’m a little jealous. Most times, not so much.

Perhaps it’s a recovery thing? The way I see it, I spent enough time “suffering” out in the madness. I need more of that like I need a hit in the head. Better, maybe it’s just one’s definition of “suffering”? I’m sure my idea of “fun” would make most tap out after a few miles…

One thing is certain: I’ve got something to chew on for a bit.