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Fixing a Noisy (Magnetic) Trainer; It’s Actually Not All That Terrible…

I had to fix my wife’s trainer last night. I was already chugging away when my wife came out of the bedroom dressed in her normal trainer kit. She’d opted to work on the house and had skipped riding so I was a little stoked we’d be riding together.

She climbed on and two pedal strokes later, I was off my bike and tending to her trainer. The noise was ugly, like part of the inner guts was rubbing once a revolution of the flywheel.

I’ve had my CycleOps Magneto apart before to cure a rubbing screw on the resistance plate (came from the factory with loose screws). On unboxing it and putting it together, I took it back to the shop and watched the mechanic take it apart and tighten the screws… it was super easy. So the next time it started rubbing again, I tightened the screws after applying thread-lock and sanded down the ridges created by the rubbing screw head. My trainer’s been absolutely stealthy since.

My wife’s is quite different, a Giant Cyclotron II. Her trainer has seven resistance settings and a superior wheel lock mechanism… but I thought, how hard can it be?

I took it apart, cleaned up the parts, put it back together and voila! Nice and quiet again. The key is getting into the housing that holds the magnetic parts – and then putting everything back together in the proper order.

If your trainer is starting to get a little noisy, don’t be afraid to take it apart and clean that sucker out… and if you’re nervous, do a search for a YouTube video on how to do it. There are plenty out there.