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Join Our New Club on Strava for Cycling, Running and Swimming Bloggers of the World

A blog friend of mine, the Second Rate Cyclist, is having a rough go of late.  After starting a comeback from a serious crash, he came down with COVID.  His symptoms weren’t terrible, but his energy level sounds to be a bit shot.  So, having read his post and heading to his comments section to offer what I hope was received as a chipper chuck on the shoulder comment, I noticed that those who commented before me were a veritable who’s who of my blog friends… and the Second Rate Cyclist and I go waaaaaayyyy back.  Here’s the post:

Rattled and Setback, a question to the cycling community
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So, the Unironedman had already commented, along with Sheree…  Then, the Idealcyclist replied to my comment that maybe we should start a Strava Club… which was an outstanding idea.  So I did exactly that.

If you’re a Strava user, please join our new club – [click here] or search for us on your Strava app.  And either way, member or not, please swing over to my friend’s post and offer him a kindly chuck on the shoulder and a friendly word or two.  That’s what we do here.