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An Important Clarification from the Daily Reflection – February 20, 2021: We Are Not A Glum Lot… Laugh, Baby.


Daily Recovery Readings February 20, 2021 Daily Reflection THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER At this juncture, his A.A. sponsor usually laughs. — TWELVE STEPS AND …

DR – February 20, 2021

I love that a friend posts the Daily Reflection. I would normally miss most days if not for his recreating the reading daily. The 20th was a special one that dealt with something that can unsettle newcomers in their first few meetings when they walk in to find a bunch of old-timers yucking it up over things that will typically generate tears in new members.

If I had a dollar for every belly-laugh I’ve had over the sad state of my affairs when I walked in the door, I’d be writing this post from my winter home in Tasmania after a ride with my friend, the Tempocyclist.

The key thing to remember, while others are laughing about their trip out of hell, is that they’ve emerged charred but alive and recovered years and decades ago. What they’re doing is celebrating their recovery from that sad state… and most important, they’re showing you what’s in store for you if you keep coming back. And that is not to be missed.

Don’t be sad or angry that they’re laughing. First, like the linked post says, learn to refrain from taking yourself so seriously. Second, know that if you keep coming back and work the steps, your time to laugh is on the horizon and it is glorious. If you work for it, it’s a promise to you. It will happen.

A brighter note for a Monday.


  1. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    No we are not a glum lot. I was honestly attracted to all the hope, smiling faces, and fun I found in the rooms. Some of my closest friends are in the rooms. I found I am just as extroverted or even more than when I was drinking. There is so much fun, and freedom in the solution of sober living! Grateful every day for another 24!

    Great share, I actually loved that Daily reflection myself, was on a meeting that night of course that being our topic. It was a pretty damn good meeting too! I wouldn’t be here if sobriety was miserable!

    Thanks for sharing Jim 🥸🤪🙂🙃

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