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Our First Big Weekend Outdoors… Finally! I Can’t Wait!


This afternoon, by the time I get home from work and ready to ride, it should be mildly breezy, mostly sunny, and 40° (4 C).  That may not seem all that much to shout about, but for Michigan at the end of February?  Folks, it’s fabulous and cause for celebration.  I readied the Trek last night.

Michelin Pro 4’s, 25 mm ready to go, wheels are good, headset is clean and ready to roll, bottom bracket is good to go and the cables are all new and perfectly trimmed and my Garmin head unit and taillight are charged and ready to go. I couldn’t be more ready to get my butt outside.  Just a single day outdoors this early in season would normally be considered a treat, but it’ll be even warmer tomorrow and we might even be able to squeeze a ride in Sunday in warmer conditions still (rain moves in tonight, dries up for tomorrow, then Sunday will be sketchy).

Truly, this hasn’t been all that bad of a winter by any stretch, but February has been brutal – bad enough to justify all trainer miles up till Tuesday when Chucker and I finally rode together outside again.

So, the 2021 season will start a little early this year, by a week or so, and after Tuesday’s ride on the gravel bikes, I’m good and stoked to get the Trek out the door for a stretch.  As The Cars put it:


  1. It’s time! The Serotta is ready, as well. Hopefully, there won’t be too much salt left on the road.

  2. unironedman says:

    Well, when one gets bored in lockdown, one decides it would be an excellent idea to respray one’s frame, so this weekend, I shall be finely rubbing down the frame and next week we’ll start the spray job in my mate’s spray booth. This is the natural conclusion to buying a white bike…

  3. paragvs says:

    Looking forward to some outdoor miles here in CT too.

  4. dave talsma says:

    Not to go off the subject, but I did build a ukulele for a member of the Cars band.

  5. It’ll be “Venge Day 2021” before you know it! Enjoy your weekend on the road! 😎

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