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A Cycling Friend May Have Inadvertently Identified a (Minor) Personal Flaw in My Character

In a post a few days ago, in which a friend from France started contemplating possible colors for a new Cinelli steel race bike, I went straight for Matte Black with Red decals. I know, it’s a reflex.

Then I started looking a little deeper and Cherry Bomb red looked quite spectacular… and there was a beautiful deep ocean Blue that, again, in matte, would have been absolutely amazing. Gerry spotted a flaw. He has a way of looking at things that, until his reply, I was absolutely oblivious to: “I see where you’re going with this, Jim. My wife would probably have something to say about red. I think I’m too fair to pull off ‘fast’ colors!”

I never even thought about that…

My God, we all know what horse blinders are. I have peacock blinders!

I, almost reflexively, go for the racy colors. I don’t necessarily think of my penchant for flashy bikes as “fast” bikes (because I’m lower-upper-class – call it entry-level upper-class – when it comes to speed), but I do tend to go full peacock. Even our family tandem has been made as flashy as a maroon steel tandem with mud guards can be made, you know, flashy (and I’ve been kicking around going a little crazy with white saddles and white bar tape, though I haven’t had the heart to discuss this with my more frugal half)…

Now, I don’t think this will require any kind of therapy on my part. Or at least I hope not. Still, it’s an honest program and you’ve gotta call a peacock what he is.