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Let Tuesday Night In Lennon Commence!


And so it is, with the clocks changing to Daylight Saving Time, we are now in the Central Time Zone and it’s time for Tuesday Night In Lennon to begin again.

As with last year, the cycling club will shy away from sanctioning the ride, but the end of this madness is nigh – May 15th we go back to normal (or, at least that’s the plan as of right now).

I’ve been struggling a little, with which bike to take tonight. Normally, it’d unquestionably be the rain bike, but this spring is a little different. It’ll be on the cool side, for sure, but with a mild north breeze, it will almost make sense to take the Venge. Normally, I wouldn’t balk at taking the 5200, but I’m chubby enough to need the advantage gained by riding the Specialized.

I love having this dilemma, actually. It’s a much better conundrum than, say, “should I eat this grub or that worm?” [are we still allowed to appreciate being advanced enough to not have to eat grubs and worms? I believe so… 🤔🤫. If not, let me know and I’ll invite my friends Smith & Wesson to a squirrel plinking party in the back yard – tastes like chicken].

Anyway, I digress… whatever the case with that lunacy, I’ve registered to get stuck. All hand wringing aside, it’ll be nice to put all this crap in the rearview mirror.

In fact, I really shouldn’t be all that concerned, I suppose. With rare exception, I’ve been back to normal since long before summer, last year.

I even got a haircut regularly once I figured out I could meet my barber at the salon with my tool bag, hang a few pictures and charge her a haircut as my fee – I just gave her a $20 tip. All perfectly legit and legal… construction and home/office improvements were still legal while salons and barbershops being open were not. While everyone else was shaggy and tangled, I was high and tight. The American spirit was ever thus; you can tell me what you want me to do… and I’ll let you know if I’ll comply. If I can find the loophole you politicians will use to skirt your own rules, I will use it too.

So, I have a little laugh when I hear politicians and news personalities who have been holed up in their home for the last year comment on “finally” going back to normal once we’re all vaccinated (sometime in mid-May by the time everyone’s had their “two-week effective” date). I was very close to “back” almost a year ago, and without a vaccine.


  1. unironedman says:

    Someone sporting an obvious hair-do over here was a dead giveaway. Fierce, dirty looks would be thrown at ya!

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