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Best Weekend Since Last Summer… Miles, More Miles and Family Time

My buddy Chuck and I rode Friday after work, a doozy for a Friday afternoon at 26-1/2 miles. The pace wasn’t anything crazy, but for early spring base miles, it was quite enjoyable (as early spring base miles should be).

Saturday was a good one, too. Chilly at the start but it warmed up nicely and we had a blast. 46 chilly miles on the 5200, but oh my was it sunny. I was absolutely spent at the finish… spent enough I didn’t want to bother getting another four to call it 50. Another 16 was entirely out of the question for the 100k.

Then came Sunday Funday on the tandem. It was supposed to be about 10 degrees warmer at the start according to the weather channel the night before, but actual temp was only a few degrees warmer when we rolled out. It was just 34 or 35 (1 to 2 C) when the pedaling started but it warmed up quickly. Just 14 miles in and I was thinking about taking off my vest. I could have gone either way but opted not to – a decision I’d regret on the way home. We put in 36 miles on the tandem and I switched shoes, bikes and dropped a layer as my wife was about done, so I could ride Mike home the long way again, adding another 12 miles. The ride to Mike’s was slow and we dropped from just shy of an 18 average down to 17.3. I wasn’t quite as cooked as Mike, though, so when I turned around I wound up the speed heading for home. I had my average up to 17.6 within five miles and opted to go another 3/4s of a mile out of my way to get 50. I almost stayed out longer, but decided 50 was good enough. That decision proved to be a good one.

After a shower, lunch and a nap, my daughters headed out to practice tennis. Tryouts are next week. Mrs. Bgddy and I decided to join them, so we hopped in the car and headed over to the high school courts. We played out in the gloriously warm sunshine for just shy of two hours and decided to order Chinese takeout from our favorite spot. I had no desire to sit through cooking dinner. We were all famished.

I fell asleep on the couch, about a half-hour after my after-dinner coffee. I don’t know if I had an actual smile on my face when I fell asleep, but it sure felt like I did.

The one thing the reaction to the WuFlu did was to bring our family together in a way I couldn’t have hoped for when this all started. Out of this whole mess, I still have something to be grateful for.