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An Early Spring Teaser; Shorts and Short-sleeves… and Wind (and Finally Feeling Like ME Again)

Chicago may be the “windy city”, but Michigan holds its own during the spring months. If we get anything approaching warm weather, you can bet there’s a good bit of wind in there with it. The only time we don’t have much is when it’s so cold, usually early in the morning, you’d rather wait for it to warm up – and, invariably, the wind to kick up.

On weekdays, I don’t have a choice. I ride when I get home and I have to take what I get, or take a day off. As this season has been oddly dry, we’ve ridden almost every day, though there were a few days on the trainer due to exceptionally high winds (30+ mph or 48 km/h).

Well, yesterday we had one of those rare 70 degree days (21 C) days where you don’t care how windy it is, it’s 70 freaking degrees and you can ride in shorts! Chuck was home early, as was I, so we made plans to meet up at 5 to roll. I had a bit more time so I got in a few extra miles before Chuck was ready. I took the good bike, which in hindsight, probably wasn’t too smart – but I just couldn’t fight it. I don’t get many legit chances to ride the Venge in March so I sucked it up and dealt with the wind (the lower-profile wheels and round tubing of the 5200 are much better in the wind).

In a word, it was glorious. A little on the breezy side, but the sun was out and I was working on my tan (which is woefully inadequate at this juncture). It’s been five or six months since I was last able to ride without long-sleeves and knee warmers, let alone short-sleeves and bibs.

With TNIL later this afternoon, we were more interested in a parade lap last evening, than giving the ride any muscle. And so we cruised. And cruised. And cruised. I had to get home for supper – my in-laws are both vaccinated so my mother-in-law came down for an appointment and to stay at our house for a night (we hadn’t seen her in more than a year), and I was told dinner was at 6:15 – that I had to be showered, too… so we were just about to take the short way home when a slow-mover of a train started through the intersection. We’d have been stuck FOREVER waiting for that thing. So we went the long way. Heh.

I ended up pulling into the driveway with 26 miles and some change, right at 6:15. Thankfully, dinner wasn’t anywhere near ready so I had time to shower and start a game of cribbage with my MIL.

We had a wonderful dinner and a great visit and, sometime shortly after dinner, I fell asleep on the couch. My wife and her mom deep in conversation in the dining room. As tight as my wife and her mom are, I was so glad she could come down to stay. It actually felt… normal.