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Would You Like Fitness and the Ability to Drop Weight at Will? Don’t Worry About the “Best” Way…

April 2021

Once you hit middle-age and discover the difference between real food and fast food, you’re in trouble. Add to this the ability to use the kitchen in the manner it’s designed for (rather than a countertop for a microwave) and gaining weight is just a bit too easy.

If you want to be able to eat responsibly, be merry, and watch your weight (without having to watch it too hard), don’t look for the method that “works best”. Trying to do something you don’t love to stay trim, consistently, is not easy. It’s the opposite of easy.

Look for the thing that, when you wake up on a Saturday morning and you’re suiting up, makes you think, “My God, it is good to be me.” Do that.

And, if worse comes to worst, buy a bike and hope for the best.

It’ll set you free.


  1. anitaannabel says:

    I loved riding bikes but I guess I’m too busy to do that anymore. Nice post.

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  2. idlecyclist says:

    I wish the “at will” bit was as easy as you suggest 😆

  3. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    I will be out on my bike starting next week. I have to get my helmet, & camel pack tonight from our storage (friends). Then it is game on. I can’t wait. I got a brand new bike. Disc brakes and all. We are also buying Kayaks. We live 3 minutes from the river, and the Centennial Trail. So excited! Great share! Happy riding!

  4. Brent says:

    I have learned, after decades of struggling with my weight, that it takes a big internal change to be positive in taking care of one’s self. I have been successful losing weight in the last six months by learning to cook more myself. Not that I cut out stuff I love — cheese and bacon (in moderation) are very much part of the menu. Cutting out fast food and pre-packaged junk food has made a big difference in the last six months. Cooking gourmet recipes has been a lot of work but it has been very much in the spirit of taking better care of myself.

    Also, I should mention that you have published tons of happy cycling pictures in millions of different situations including gravel, but there are no fat bike pictures. A sad state of affairs. Given how screwed up the supply chains are this year, you should put the word in now to get yourself the fat bike for the winter that you know you want.

    Speaking of screwed up supply chains, I am buying a touring bike so my honey and I can do a two week tour this fall of several hundred miles. There are only two shops in the US that have the right model in my size — Phoenix and Baltimore. I’m driving from New England to Baltimore on Monday to pick up my new baby… 350 miles each way, and worth every step.

    • bgddyjim says:

      That’s dedication, baby! I dig it! Sadly, as things are now, it’s looking like 2022, maybe 2023 before new bikes are readily available again. We are kicking fatties around… we’ll see how it goes. Thanks, brother, and congratulations on your success in finding your balance. Keep it up, brother.

  5. Mr Shit50s says:

    I’m also trying top get a bit fitter and shift some of the timber – I have tried to be more careful with the nutrition side but, like you say, the best way to getting fitter is doing exercise that you love.

    I’ve managed to get out for some decent rides lately – surprised myself by doing 70 miles at the weekend (‘inspired’ by the fact that there were no trains running over Easter, so I couldn’t quit halfway!) and a quick hilly blast yesterday – and it’s always remarkable how much better and more athletic I feel just by getting out there.

    I always underestimate what I can do, too – I was aiming for 30-odd miles at the weekend, not 70 – and I wonder if many of your readers do too, Jim? Thanks for hitting the nail on the head again, mate!

    • bgddyjim says:

      I actually used to write a lot about underestimating ourselves (I used to do the same thing). Cycling fitness picks up so fast, though. If we just keep getting out there, it’s amazing how strong we get… and how fast. Cheers, brother. Thanks for commenting.

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