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I Can’t Take the Lying About COVID Anymore… and I’m About Two Weeks from Burning My Masks


April 2021

If you were paying attention, Texas lifted all of their COVID restrictions a while back. The next day the lame-stream, drive-by media reported an increase in COVID cases due to the rescinding of restrictions and the lack of a mask mandate which would likely mean the end of Texas as we know it and blamed virtually everything that is bad in the world on the fact that Texas ended its restrictions. The “experts” all said Texas was doomed.

If you hadn’t noticed, you haven’t heard a word since. That’s because the numbers in Texas went down. Florida? Not quite the apocalypse everyone was expecting after spring break, either. The drive-by media and the left are so bad on this, they even (rightly) lost Bill Maher… now, you know it’s bad when the left loses Maher.

First of all, I want to address the big elephant in the room; the efficacy of masks in the first place. First, I’m sure they work – the US skipped “flu season” this year, but while all of Asia was masking up at the beginning of the pandemic, our Dr. Anthony Fauci and a parade of “experts” came out and said that masks weren’t necessary. They, the “experts”, said this because there was a fear we’d run short on masks – a supply that was depleted during the previous pandemic scare (that never amounted to anything). So, masks really were important, but they didn’t want us hoarding them (like toilet paper), so the “experts” lied and said masks shouldn’t be necessary. Lo and behold, a few weeks later and all of a sudden masks are needed and in fact indispensable! In fact, as long as they’re a couple layers of tightly woven cotton, they’re supposedly effective (and we can make our own). Anything said after and other than that is just another lie to cover up the initial lie about not needing them in the first place to protect against hording.

And just like that, these knuckleheaded “experts” created their own segment of the population that was never going to wear a mask because if they weren’t necessary in the beginning, they aren’t now… they’re just a symbol of liberal oppression. Nice f***ing going, “experts”.

Then, and this was almost too funny, left-wing extremist politicians suggested we should start wearing two masks. Our lieutenant governor still parades around like a fool with two masks (though our governor doesn’t). Of course, this prompts the obvious question, “If two masks are better than one, why not really do something bold to stop the spread of COVID in these trying and difficult times and wear six?”

Second, and this one drives me nuts, a person who is fully vaccinated should not have to bother wearing a mask. Period. If you pay attention to the CDC guidelines, they lay this all out, too. The notion a vaccinated person should continue wearing a mask is just another in the vast series of preposterous lies contrary to science and the reason is quite simple; because they just don’t want to allow immunized people to walk around without masks while those who haven’t gotten their shot(s) should still wear a mask (unless you’re Texas). They definitely want the unvaccinated to wear a mask and don’t want them parading around without one so you get “we’re all in this together” rather than the full scientific truth that we’re only wearing masks so those who aren’t vaccinated don’t feel left out.

The question, then, is how long should we play along and actually keep wearing a mask when we’re in an establishment that requires a mask for entry? That’s four weeks from April 15th in the US of A… then two weeks after that for the second shot to take. In other words, June 1st. Let’s not be too tight, though. Let’s give it another two weeks. Call it June 15th. I’m not wearing a mask until we hit some nebulous, flexible number a politician comes up with. I’m not waiting on the knuckleheads out there who refuse to get their shot(s), either. I don’t care if someone else doesn’t want to get vaccinated. As it’s been said, get the vaccine or get the virus. In less than two months I’m done with this silly $#!+. The masks are going into the fire pit (actually, I stopped wearing a mask a couple of weeks ago unless I’m entering an establishment with a sign asking for one to be worn – I don’t need it, of course, but I don’t have to be a dick about it, either).

After all, we’re all in this together and I’m immune (or close enough to it for government work). I’m not a big fan of the kumbaya bullshit either, but the way I see it, it’s my job to be strong and brave for others to show them that we vaccinated folk are all in this together and can get back to living like normal people again! After all, we’re all in this together in these trying and difficult times – let’s be in this together in a manner we can see each other smile again!

Anyway, I was driving home last night, thinking about how I could wrap this post up and I was given a gift over the radio. It was announced that Joe Biden would cede to the CDC’s recommendation on when we could stop wearing masks outdoors. Uh, when did we start wearing masks outdoors?! Let’s go back to the video and ask again why the half the US is so ignorant about the science when it comes to COVID. It’s a top down thing, Bill.



  1. unironedman says:

    The shaving companies keep telling me two blades are better than one… and lo! We are up to six blades now, so perhaps they are on to something? 😉

    Having said that, you can be fully vaccinated and still get covid, and you can also still spread it. But in fairness, the WHO do not recommend masks outdoors. Some other good stuff here:

  2. idlecyclist says:

    My understanding is that the vaccine stops the symptoms of Covid (the crappy bit) but doesn’t stop you getting it or spreading it so masks are still required until the population is vaccinated. The speed of that varies by country so some will be wearing them long after others. Here in Ireland there have been a number of positive tests by fully vaccinated healthcare workers this last week, they had no symptoms which shows that the vaccine works. Unfortunately we are also woefully slow at getting everyone vaccinated 😔

  3. Saul Alinsky wrote in his Rules for Radicals, “ . . . in the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication” taken from Machiavelli’s The Prince “strike and beat down fortune through skilled action”

  4. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    Our wonderful governor is looking to push Spokane back to phase 2. We will find our May 3rd. I am heartbroken for the small businesses pleading with him to not take them down to 25% capacity as they are unable to keep their doors open with at the percentage.
    My mom works at the largest hospital in our area at the front desk, the stuff she has had to endure in the last year is so hard to here. She is a beautiful 69 year old woman who’s job description for last 16 years changed over night. The stress caused her to be emergent with the highest blood she has ever had.
    So me I am praying for normalcy sooner than later. This world is crazed at times. I am so over it all too!

  5. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    Sorry for typos Jim 😅

  6. jwintx14 says:

    Burn ’em now, Jim! Why wait?

    (TLDR: peruse for 5mins and you’ll see what a lie the masks have been.)

    In your words…warning: you’ve triggered me! haha

    No harm in ditching the mask and maybe wearing one if asked. But make them ask! Signs are still all over the place ‘requiring’ them, yet as I have found here in TX since last July when I stopped wearing one, you’ll hardly ever get asked to put one on even if there’s a sign out front.

    Neanderthals vs. Science:

    Never before in history have masks been advocated for stopping a virus. Including 13mo ago. The science has not changed, viral particles are still far too small to be caught by masks. Like stopping smoke with a chain link fence – the holes are just too big! There have been zero actual studies involving humans (not CDC mannequins or computer models or a hairdresser anecdote) showing masks reducing or stopping spread of any respiratory virus, including Covid. Yet countless real-life examples in society show masks have had no effect.

    Btw, Flu disappeared before masks were mandated last year:

    Masks were mandated starting in April:,_2020-2021

    Masks did not affect flu. Flu had nosedived and disappeared by March 2020 when we were being told NOT to mask. But suppose masks did help flu, why didn’t they crush Covid? Again, in no previous flu season have masks ever been worn to avoid it, viral particles are far too small to be stopped by masks. Even medical-grade masks. Look at Germany, which mandated medical-grade N95’s and still saw a huge rise in cases:

    Or how about Japan. They have had upwards of 97% mask compliance, yet still cases have ignored that:

    There is no ‘science’ showing masks work. If they work so well, how did the entire world wear them for months last year (even still most do), yet it had no diminishing effect on cases? There’d have been no need for vaccines had masks actually reduced cases.

    It’s seasonal. Here’s another chart showing data from a handful of neighboring states with similar climates yet which had a variety of mask mandates yet followed the same similar curve:

    So here in Texas, we have no mask mandates, yet our kids are still required to wear them in school. Our particular district has over 26,000 students, currently there are 27 active cases. Yet our kids are required to wear masks all day. It’s completely asinine and we’re lacking leaders who will step up and do the right thing for our kids. As an aside, it’s well-documented that child-to-adult spread is much more rare than adult-to-child. So with teachers vaccinated, why continue the mask theater?

    One final note: no respiratory virus has ever been eradicated once it has entered the population. Covid won’t be any different. It’s here and I really wonder how few people haven’t been exposed to it on some level by now.

    Bottom line, there’s a HUGE amount of evidence showing that masks have had exactly zero effect on Covid whatsoever. So, burn ’em now, Jim! The mask circus ends when we all stop complying.

  7. JustI says:

    Out of respect for Grandma and Grandpa, I’ll continue to wear a mask in public. Gazillions won’t get the vaccine, and some can’t wait to get the vaccine. Choice, right?

  8. capejohn says:

    This had turned into a wear a helmet type war.

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