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ICAN Fast & Light 50 Wheelset Review; One Year of Perfect Performance

I started buying Ican wheels because I simply couldn’t afford the premium wheelsets but I wanted some carbon fiber wheels to improve the ride of my Venge. At first, I figured I stick with alloy wheels on the Trek and pulled the trigger on a set for the good bike. I’d thought about purchasing two sets of the 38 mm standard wheels, one for me and one for my wife, but decided to try them out myself to make sure they were safe and worth the money. They vastly exceeded my expectations. I ordered my wife’s set within a few weeks of receiving mine. Within two months, three more of my friends were rolling on Ican’s 38 mm standard wheels. A fourth bought a set of Fast & Light 50s (FL 50s).

I rode the 38s mostly on the Venge but switched them over to the Trek for 2019’s DALMAC tour – 385 miles in four days and rolled on them for most of a year before Covid-19 hit. Long story short, I did well over my lockdown time off. I received a healthy bonus on returning to the office more than a year ago, now and with a portion of that bonus I picked up a set of FL 50s for the Venge:

The FL 50s were quite a bit pricier than the standard 38s but they’re effectively the same weight as the standard 38s and they’re a more aerodynamically acceptable shape for crosswinds. The FL 50s pick up a little more crosswind than the 38s but not enough they’re difficult in a fairly stiff wind, either.

While I’ve read some not-too-flattering comments and reviews about the Novatec hubs for the FL50s, I have zero complaints. They’ve been straight up solid since I’ve had the wheels. The wheels themselves were true out of the box and after a year of potholes and gnarly train tracks, they’re still as true as the day I took them out of the box and I’ve had them beyond 45-mph without so much as a shimmy.

With at least a dozen century rides, two dozen metric centuries, and an absolute pile of Tuesday Night Club Rides where we average between 22 & 24-mph for the 30 mile route, I can say without equivocation, these wheels are considerably faster than the fantastic set of alloy wheels I had built for the Venge years ago. Ican wheels are an excellent, affordable option for those looking for a wheel and a speed upgrade.

Put simply, I’m ecstatic with all three sets of Ican wheels my wife and I roll. I’m particularly fond of the Fast & Light 50s, though. They’re a stellar bargain in my often not so humble opinion.

The only thing left would be if I could just get them to make me eat less. A fella can dream.