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Aero Isn’t Everything in Cycling… Riding the Wheels Off What You Have Is. Aero Is a Close Second, Though.

I’ve been riding the Trek a lot lately. Lots of wind, colder than normal temperatures both mean the Trek is technically the wiser choice. The Venge has a tight pedal clearance so I can’t get away with foot or toe covers on my shoes and I hate cold feet. This means I really only ride the Venge in temps 45 and rising if I go with my best wool socks. Afternoon rides haven’t been terrible, but morning starts have been far too cold.

Yesterday evening wasn’t so terrible, though, so I prepped the Venge and took her for a spin.

After all those miles on the Trek and tandem over the last few weeks, the difference in feel was obvious and fantastic. I’ve thrown every upgrade I could afford at the Trek and that old girl is fantastic, but it’s still like trying to push a cardboard box through the wind contrasted against the Specialized Venge. It’s not a even fair competition… and the fun part is I get to go through this same fascinating experience every spring.

And so it was last night within the first mile into a cross-headwind and I was smiling heading to pick up Chucker at his house. The Venge simply cuts through a headwind like it’s a hot knife to warm butter. The goal for the afternoon was simply to take an easy spin and save my legs for tonight’s slugfest. We’re going to have that northerly wind back again so the first quarter of the ride is going to be tough, but the middle half won’t be horrible as we’ll have a lot of tailwind… but that last quarter is going to suck. I’ll want to be with the big group for help in the headwind.

Chuck and my weekday evening route is one of the few I ride with any regularity that a northwestern wind is good for. We eat up most of the headwind early and sail home with its help. And so it was last night, all the way until I pulled into the driveway with a smile stretched across my face and gratitude in my heart. Cycling plays a big part in my overall happiness and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Getting out the door and riding is everything. “Aero” is a close second, though.