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We Are Free of the Muzzle!

In a rare instance, once our left-wing media finally reported that people weren’t getting vaccinated because if everything was going to stay the same (mask mandates, etc), why bother getting the vaccine? Well, it was all over but the shouting. It was time to finally pay attention to the science.

It took less than a week. Fully vaccinated people, like me, are rightly free of the muzzle as of 9 this morning.

Good riddance.

Folks, if you’re vaccinated, your vaccinated. It’s okay to come out from behind the mask. If you still want to be hyper-vigilant, be my guest. Just know you’re likely a little off.

And one final note for my friends in the north and across the pond: if your powers that be are requiring masks outdoors anywhere (except in a massive gathering of people where you can’t tell who is or isn’t vaccinated), they’re either getting off on a power trip or they’re ignorant. They’re asking you, meanly, to vote them out of office. Outdoor transmission of COVID is responsible, according to science, for 0.10% of all transmissions. The risk is so infinitesimal, simply keeping a meter or two of distance should be more than enough to keep you safe.

To be very clear, I abided the mask mandates in every instance, until I was fully vaccinated. After that, I couldn’t bear being that stupid. I followed the science and only wore a mask when a sign was present (I also looked at the employees – if they weren’t wearing, I wasn’t about to). I wasn’t about to give workers a hard time about their company’s policy. Wearing a mask isn’t worth being that big a jerk.