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An Epic Road Trip At the End of a Pandemic. Part One

May 2021

I shall have, on my return, a tale to write of epic awesomeness. Chapters strewn with yarns of woe and suffering, of… wait a second, that’s The Old Man and the Sea. This trip was all fun, laughter and fist bumps.

And a 51.2-mph top speed (not that I was counting [I was – the computer said 51.6 at the bottom – I got Garmined but if it didn’t happen on Garmin… and 51.2 was fast enough] then I got Strava’d and that knocked off another 0.4s!).

As with any day on a road bike, I saw scenes of such beauty, I couldn’t help but speak… but each time, the only word I could think to blurt out was “Wow”. I didn’t bother to pull the phone out for any of the moving shots for two reasons;

1. A snapped photo at 20-mph could never do what I saw justice.

2. If I want to see it again, I’ll have to come back and I like that idea a lot. Interlochen Stare Park is my second favorite cycling haunt.

Today will be our last ride, a hilly 40 miler on damp roads (it rained last night) and we’ll shower, pack up and roll out as soon as we get back. As much fun as I had, I miss my wife and girls and I’m excited to get back.

More tomorrow, and a fair bunch of photos… and Grumpy Old Men and “The Kid” meets cycling. I never imagined, at 50-years-old, I’d be referred to as the kid….


  1. Dave Talsma says:

    I once hit 58 mph up there, afterwards I thought what a dumb thing, but still its quite exciting and scary

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