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I Love My Bike; Grumpy Old Men Edition

I was in the camper getting something ready to leave to go to the grocery store… Mike said to Chuck, “Me and the kid are going to the store, do you want to go?”

At 50, with some friends I’m still referred to as the kid. I remember the line in Grumpy Old Men where Burgess Meredith refers to Jack Lemon “just a damn kid” and I couldn’t help but laugh.

So, for our final day of the road trip, we’d had quite a bit of rain Saturday night and we woke up to wet roads and drizzle. The drizzle ended early, though and we decided to roll at 8:30 so we could get done a little early and pack up. We had a short 40-mile route planned – I wanted more, but I didn’t say anything. I knew Mike and Chuck were tired from the previous two days.

We rolled out on time and on wet roads that weren’t as damp outside of the campground but the clouds stuck around the entirety of our ride. Arm-warmers were a no-brainer for this one. The ride was quite spectacular and flat for the first ten miles but we found ourselves in the midst of a real climb shortly after the half-way point. At just over 4-miles and ranging from 1 to 6%, we just settled in for a nice spin. Chuck and I talked the whole way up the climb. After that, with a few notable exceptions, it was downhill most of the way back to camp.

On the way back, I noticed a few patches of wildflowers that were blooming all three days we were up there, but I finally managed to get a couple of shots. Sheree, a fantastic blogger I’ve been following for years, does a weekly post where she’ll post photos she’s taken of flowers and I wanted to participate in that… seeing the flowers made me think of her:

The last few miles, I’d taken a massive pull (in the neighborhood of 14-miles), and I was a little crispy. I was hoping to take it all the way back but I ran out of gas. Chuck took a mile, then Mike took a big turn. Heading into Interlochen, I saw the city limits sign up ahead and I started spurring Mike on to take the final sprint. I wasn’t about to go around him and it was fun hollering up to him to take the win… there were a couple of signs gotten over the trip, but nothing serious (this would have been very different had we ran across the 45th parallel – Chuck and I always go after that sign).

Anyway, we pulled into camp and it was all hi-fives and fist-bumps. I was smiling from ear to ear.

A quick shower, tear down the camper, pack everything up and we were on the way home before noon.

So, I ask you, what fitness activity can you do that won’t get boring over a three-day weekend road trip, that’ll let you cover more than 180 miles, see spectacular sites and leave you feeling that you’ve lived life to the fullest, enjoying some special time with your friends – time that’ll make the highlight reel when your life flashes before you at the end but that will help extend that time and improve the quality of it at the same time!?

Cycling is it. And this is why I love my bike. “Hey, Mike! I love my bike!”