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Retiring a Champ; My 2014 Equinox Goes to a New Home

I’ve written about my 2014 in posts before. It was, without question, the best car I’ve ever owned and featured prominently in many photos of my bikes.

Alas, it was finally time to retire her with 236,000 miles and only three major repairs in all of those miles; a catalytic converter (two, actually, one was defective), a water pump, and shocks and struts (about 45,000 miles ago). The rest was regular maintenance, brakes, tires, a tune-up. Like I said, the best car I’ve ever owned… and I got to drive it paid off for almost two years.

If you’re not aware, this is quite a crazy time for car purchases. You can’t get a new car and used cars are going for a premium so I was given an incredible deal on a brand new car I wouldn’t pass up. And so that was that, as of yesterday. It shouldn’t even be a surprise what the new vehicle is:

2021 Equinox LT AWD

The new Equinox is vastly superior to my old one. Such is the power of good, clean living. It used to be I couldn’t own a car that was less than five-years-old. Today I’m getting the best interest rates and it’s a matter of picking a color and signing on the line. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. [The promises] will always materialize if we work for them.