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Happy World Bicycle Day – 2021!

My favorite quote for today: “I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days.”

If you know anything about me, you know that I love the bikes. Road bikes, more road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes… I love ’em all. Not so much the beach cruisers and leisure bikes, but I respect them and those who ride them. A bike, after all, is a bike (even if mine are all super cool).

Anyway, I dig that quote because it sums me up perfectly. Happy World Bicycle Day 2021

Just putting this post together put a smile on my face. Happy World Bike Day, my friends. Ride ’em hard.

Horsey Hundred 2021 Day Two; Better Weather Makes for Happier Cycling

Saturday night was cold in Kentucky. Clear skies meant we woke up to temps in the mid-40s (just 7 C). Unlike Saturday, though, it warmed up in a hurry with abundant sunshine. In fact, I was worried I may have been overdressed as we rolled out. I figured I could shed arm-warmers if necessary and I was hoping the jacket wasn’t too much. The temp wasn’t supposed to rise much above 55 (13 C) by the time we finished, anyway, so I figured I’d be okay.

Well, I was a little wrong. We were probably halfway done and it was quite glorious out. I should have ditched the jacket and gone with a vest and arm-warmers combo. I’d have been much better off. I unzipped the jacket, shed the arm-warmers and hoped for the best (though my wife later said I looked hot enough to melt).

Mrs. Bgddy was struggling on the hills and ended up dropping her chain on a climb with an ill-timed shift from big ring to little, halfway up. Once she got the chain out of the bottom bracket, we rolled out but we were on our own. There was no way we were going to make up that gap. The remainder of the ride was, simply put, nice. I was tired from Saturday’s effort and I really enjoyed hanging out with my wife and taking our time rolling over the countryside.

We hit the finish for a photo op, then headed back to the hotel for a 52-mile Sunday. The weekend was, in a word, fantastic.

We met most of the others in the parking lot to shake hands and give hugs (vaccination has its privileges) then went up to the room, showered, packed and loaded everything into the car. We were gone an hour after heading up to the room. Another happy Horsey in the books… and looking forward to 2022!