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Woo! What a Ride! Shaking Up the Route with a Spectacular Second Half

I almost took yesterday off the bike. Work this week was brutal and I just wanted a nap. So I took one. Fifteen minutes later I was a new man… and in a mood to ride.

It was warm and sunny out so I prepped the Trek. I needed some Vitamin D… and to unwind after that sucky week. I rolled out just before 5, heading north, easy. The plan was for a 16-mph average because we’ve got a big weekend planned as mileage goes. After a mile I turned left and found the wind as I wasn’t sheltered by the row of homes lining the west side of our street.

15-mph and almost dead into it. I spun the big ring for a couple miles but dropped to the baby ring to settle in. I’d love to say it was brutal and I suffered through it but I was on my bike in the early summer warmth and sunshine! And the tailwind was gonna be awesome.

And eight miles of headwind later, I was there… and the tailwind part with a 16-1/2-mph average. I knew there was a segment somewhere on that road, too, so I didn’t watch the grass grow. 23-mph was way too easy on the flat(ish) route… 25 was starting to get it, so I went for 26 to 28.

There’s something spectacular about cruising down the road above 25-mph. Approaching 30 is so… fast. I kept the gas down and hammered for home. I have no idea when it was, but Strava says I topped 36-mph at some point… at several points actually. I suppose I wasn’t watching too closely. I know it felt fast!

My average ticked up faster than my mileage counter… then three miles north with a crossing tailwind, followed by the home stretch. I was working harder than I should have but I couldn’t help it.

I pulled into the driveway with an 18.8 average over 21 miles and it was good.

I went to sleep still smiling. Let’s see, reason 4,785 I ride a bike. A lot.

Good times and noodle salad, my friends. Stay tuned, more to come.

Oh, and I PRed that segment. I’ve ridden it a hundred times over the years, with groups big and small… and soloed it at 26.2-mph, good enough for 3rd among some very strong company. It was the cherry on top.