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My Idea of a Week Off the Bike (Teaser, It Has Nothing To Do With Time on the Couch)

Two weeks ago, I thought I was tired. Too many hard miles had me a little ragged – or so I thought. Maybe it was just the classic, “my easy days were too hard and my hard days weren’t hard enough” problem. In the end, it really doesn’t matter all that much. I felt like I was toast. Going into Tuesday Night my confidence was shaken and I’d talked myself into dropping.

But I didn’t. We got the B Group back together and I had an excellent ride. 22-mph wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t in a bad way at all, either. Let’s say, a lot better than I’d expected. Wednesday and Thursday were easy days, but Friday was a lot faster than I’d planned on for a solo ride going into a long weekend. Saturday was comfortable but long. Sunday was pretty quick at just under a 20-mph average. I ended up with 277 miles in for the week.

I didn’t have much in the way of aspirations for last week. On one hand, I felt like I was going to have to do something to recover a bit, otherwise I was going to run myself into the ground. On the other, I was riding a bit of a confidence bubble from Tuesday and feeling pretty good about things, especially after Sunday’s ride (55 miles, 19.3-mph avg).

Monday was a day off to attend my eldest daughter’s honors graduation ceremony. Tuesday was right back at it with the fastest TNIL of the season for me, approaching 23-mph (depending whose Garmin we used). Wednesday was an easy day, but Thursday was pretty tough on the usual loop in Fenton – my first of the year. Friday was a hot one – so hot you could feel the heat bouncing off the asphalt and my legs were absolutely smoked. Chuck and I took turns slowing each other down and I pulled into the driveway with a true recovery ride 16.8-mph average for 25-miles. Then, Saturday… with only 4 people taking turns up front for most of the 70-mile ride, we still managed a nice 19-1/2-mph average. I expected to be smoked afterward, but after a 15-minute nap, I was up and about tending to the yardwork for the rest of the day. I loosened right up and felt good by the time I feel asleep. Then, Sunday Funday was just a little faster than expected over 47 miles, but not outrageously so. Two friends went for bonus miles to escort another home but I tapped out and pulled into the driveway… then, my daughter’s graduation and dinner party. I didn’t miss a beat (or take a nap). And I was out before 8 last night.

I ended up with a 235 mile week in just 12-1/2 hours… that’s a decent 18.8-mph average (the week before was 277 miles but took more than 3-1/2 hours longer – 17.3-mph average). I should have been wrecked last week but I ended up feeling pretty fantastic after it was all done.

This post wasn’t supposed to be positive. Sitting on the couch this morning, when I thought back on the week, I thought it was a fairly easy “recovery week”. After looking at Strava (and reality), I really only had two easy days all week long.

That said, it’s supposed to rain this afternoon and I’m not about to kick a day off out of bed for eating crackers.