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The Final 100 K of America’s Freedom Weekend: 194 Miles for the 3-Day Celebration

We had a little road trip planned for our last day of the 4th of July long weekend. a friend we ride with at the Horsey Hundred, The Assenmacher 100, and DALMAC asked if we’d come down to ride with him on his stomping grounds.

We had a great group planning to head down but a few bailed dropping the pace-line to just six. My wife was even going to bail till Dave offered to let her ride his e-bike. That offer piqued her interest just enough to get her there.

And so we rolled out for a planned 100k morning ride. Unlike our normal roads, these were hilly. Rollers, and gentle climbs everywhere we turned. My wife on that e-bike was comical. We’re all fairly decent climbers, so we’d be cruising up a decent little hill at about 15 or 16, and here comes my wife on that e-bike, a flat bar hybrid mountain bike from the early 80’s (modified with an electric motor and battery), lightly pedaling and passing us at 20+. I tried keeping up a few times early on but we dropped everyone else almost immediately. I learned to just let her do her thing.

I think once we got that straight, the ride went smashingly well. First, with a few notable exceptions, the roads were fantastic. The scenery was great and so was the weather:

We stopped at a convenience store along the way, near mile 35, but didn’t need much else… until we got to Springport at mile 52 and about twenty minutes before the local ice cream shop opened. We were dejected. We weren’t about to wait around for that long… but my wife noticed a stirring inside the shop! She pleaded with the proprietor to open a little early for us, promising we’d make it worth her while. She did. And we did… to the point the kind lady asked if I was sure I wanted to tip that much. My Oreo Flurry was divine and worth every penny.

We rolled out after finishing up with just ten miles left in our journey – and mainly a tailwind ten miles at that. We took it to the barn.

Dave’s wife had watermelon waiting for us when we got back, and we needed it. The temp was approaching 90. With about double the amount of climbing we’re used to on a ride like that, we managed an 18.3-mph average (29 kmh) in the brutal heat. And so it was, the third day in a row, training for DALMAC. I have no doubt I’m ready.

And the fun continues tonight… it’s Tuesday night! This one’s going to be interesting, too. I could feel every one of those miles waking up this morning.