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Going Gravel… Early


August 2021

With Chucker, my weekday riding buddy, away on a weekender and my wife and daughters at the salon, I was hit with a tough choice; which to choose – gravel, mountain, or road?

Now, I’m not about to drive to a ride, so the trails were out. I could ride dirt roads on the mountain bike… or my gravel bike, but my gravel bike is a little depressing this time of year. My good road bike weighs only 16 pounds. My rain bike is only 18-1/2. My gravel bike is about 24.

That 24 pound bike is not easy to choose, but I did. I had no desire to be on paved roads through a Friday evening. I just wanted some peace and quiet.

And dust. Did I mention dust? Yeah, I forgot about that part of the equation until I was well underway. On the other hand, I think I was passed by about four cars in 22-miles of dirt… and not one of them honked or crowded me (of course, they did blow dust all over me, but that’s the nature of dirt road riding).

I chose to add some paved roads to bump my mileage for the afternoon because, well, why not? I pulled into the driveway with 27 miles and a smile on my face. With the ladies away, I cooked some salmon for dinner and sat down to watch some baseball. A short while later, the ladies came home and we started packing up a van for this morning. We’re moving my eldest daughter to college today.

I don’t wonder where time went because I enjoyed most of it, but it sure did go! My baby is off to take a bite out of life! Only three years left and my wife and I will be empty-nester’s.


  1. joliesattic says:

    Wow! What a day. I thought it interesting though that you say you don’t drive to a ride? Another wow! That’s all there is here. Very little is accessible without driving where we are.

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