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All I Can Hope Is That I Did a Good Job as a Dad…


August 2021

With my firstborn at college, it’s a little less Bella around here. A little less flamboyant. You’d think I’d make up for that, but you’d be wrong. My girl can 🦚.

I was ready for her to go, I thought. I prepared myself so I could be the stoic me until I didn’t have to be. My wife, daughter, and I all helped her move in. We took her to lunch after, then we dropped her off and headed home.

I was on the way to the bike shop and an old favorite song popped up on my Napster feed and it all caught up with me.

I look to my faith to get me through…

And that’s when I realized, for the most part, I’ll only have fleeting opportunities at passing on knowledge about how the world works and how to push through its troubled parts so you can ultimately be happy with all of it. In fact, I don’t have much left than to hope I did a good job as a dad.

I know I did better than my dad did, without question, and he did a great job. I think I’ll just roll with that.


  1. The Omil says:

    Sounds like you did a great job. It’s the way it should be – you do your best to give them confidence, a firm base, good instincts, a moral compass and the ability to make balanced judgements … and then they fly solo (but you’re there with a safety net if or when needed). No matter how old they might be, they’ll never stop being your children.

  2. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    We are the first ones they still will call, and it is those beautiful moments when you see their name on the caller ID. They really miss us, as much as we miss them. I get random texts from both my kids. Little things that just mean so much. It is then I too know I did right by both of them. They know how very much no matter what I love them. You will always be daddy! Love this post!

  3. Sheree says:

    That’s all you can hope! I’m absolutely sure you’ve done a sterling job as a Dad.

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