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Another 1,000 Mile Month in the Books

Every winter I set a goal for 6,000 miles for the new year.

July was an off month with only 625 miles. I was on vacation for two weeks and we didn’t ride much. In fact, July was a bit slow, historically, too. 977 miles for July. May was quite good, though, with 1077 miles on the legs. April’s iffy weather is never good for cycling but I did manage a decent 677 miles for the month. I logged 577 in March – historically decent.

So that gets the spring and much of the summer covered, leaving August. What a month. 1,053 miles and the fastest Tuesday night in Lennon for the year on the 31st. I only took two days off all month long, one for my daughter’s move-in at college and one, I think, for weather. I averaged more than 36 miles a day at an average pace of around 18-1/2-mph.

I shoehorned in the cycling around obligations and the month couldn’t have gone better (This isn’t to say everything was perfect, of course – I don’t care about perfect, I care about good, decent and happy. I don’t do perfect).

Best, August was a month of friends, family and fantastic memories I’ll have when they count.

Good times and noodle salad, my friends. Ride hard.