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Pardon This Interruption Of Normally Good and Insprining Stuff for A Bit of An Emergency: Will Chains and Cassettes Go the Way of Toilet Paper?

September 2021

Earlier this year I bought a few sets of tires when I heard there would be a run on tires. I’m good through next year. Last night I bought 10 speed Ultegra chain and an Ultegra cassette for each of my road bikes (11-25 for the Venge, 11-28 for the Trek). This morning I found two Dura Ace 11 speed chains and a cassette for my wife’s bike. I now have enough to get me clear to 2024, without breaking a sweat. I’ve got enough shifter and brake cable, I should be good as well. There may be unforeseen issues I won’t be ready for, but I’ve got the normal stuff covered.

I’ve already gotten the gravel bikes accounted for.

Am I being paranoid?

Folks, it’s getting ugly out there. If you have the means, chains and cassettes probably won’t be quite as bad as toilet paper in 2020… but it’s definitely not good. I’m hearing some very bad things through the grapevine.


  1. Dave Talsma says:

    I’ve been thinking about a new chain and cassette too, your scaring me now. Is this the same case for bicycles in general?

  2. If you can even find them at the moment in stock, it’s worth grabbing a few consumable parts like chains and cables. Shimano are reportedly stepping up production, but a lot of that will go straight onto new “2022” model bikes. If it got really bad, I guess I could always cannibalise parts off another bike to keep at least one running… 😅

  3. Anthony says:

    Earlier this year I found the only ten speed chain in town, and there were no cassettes. I didn’t have to go far, but I wasn’t able to support my local bike shop. When I bought the cassette they only had one other ten speed.
    That was 6 months ago (maybe 5), but only one bike shop in town has anything. They happened to order a lot of stuff and though they got only a third of what they ordered, they are the lucky ones. I need new gloves, but good luck finding them.

  4. crustytuna says:

    NOT paranoid. Needed a chain a the beginning of season and called every bike shop in a 200 km radius. Nothing. A friend sent a link for an online shop that had them in stock, and I bought three, along with an extra derailleur and cassette. Then, they weren’t in stock anymore. I just bought non-shimano brake pads, because no one has any in, and I’ve just broken my dropper lever, but am just going to deal with it, because I can’t find a replacement anywhere… I’m hoarding everything. So is everyone else I know… People are saying it’s gonna be bad ’til 2023! Brace yourselves!

  5. unironedman says:

    Has anyone said ‘recycling’ yet? ‘Coz I’ve got a tire iron in the boot of the car with your name on it… 😉

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