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What a Day to Be Alive In Recovery! Also Known As Tuesday… Or Wednesday… Or…


September 2021

There’s a light at the end of that tunnel, and it’s not a train, it’s the sun shining down, waiting for you to get there to bathe you in its warmth (and pump up your Vitamin D supply).

The only catch is we have Twelve hard steps between us and that sweet sunlight. We’ll get that suntan if we work for it, though.

It’s another beautiful day in recovery and I have opportunities. The only question is, “What will I do with my opportunities today?”

I know what I’m doing.

Ridin’, baby!

Then cut the grass, finish cutting down the trunk of a tree that fell over in a recent storm, then who knows… tomorrow will be an early birthday breakfast with our daughters on our eldest’s 18th birthday, then a bike ride, then a nap, then a birthday dinner at my sister’s house for my kiddo. And I’ll love every minute.

And that would have been impossible if I’d chosen to stay in the tunnel because I thought the steps were too hard, stupid, ridiculous, unnecessary, silly, etc., etc.. While there’s no question there are other ways to go about getting recovered, all of the options that end in peace, happiness and serenity involve the hard work of fixing oneself first.


  1. What will I do with the opportunities today holds? Excellent post, Jim. I pray your daughter’s birthday celebration is a wonderful time together. I admire your willingness to ride all those miles every week. Yes, I agree, we must do the hard work required if we are to recover from what ails us.

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