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As the 2021 Cycling Season Burns to a Close…

I’ve had the gravel bike out to make sure it’s ready to go, it’s great. I’ll probably take the mountain bike out at some point soon, as well. The road bikes are tip-top and running like finely tuned machines.

We’ll be out on our gravel bikes regularly any day now. The mornings are cooler, it’s raining more often and we don’t need sunscreen as often (if at all) as the sun is sinking to the south as the days shrink before our eyes. It’s not yet “all over but the shouting”, but it’s time to get the voice warmed up.

We had a weird and squirrely ride Saturday, with a northeasterly wind that ended up being mainly easterly on the way back, so we fought it all the way out, then didn’t get much help on the way back… and we did a north/south route, hoping the forecast would hold and we’d have a tailwind for the return trip. It ended up being one of those rare days it was easier at the front of the group than at the back and nerves frayed. More than one friend went home pissed off after that one.

Sunday’s ride was vastly more civil and enjoyable. The wind was still something of a pain, out of the southeast this time, but it wasn’t as strong and the pace, while considerably faster, was smooth and consistent. There’s no question that one was a “keeper”. As you can see, there was no shortage of sunshine yesterday – but if you look close, you’ll see a vest hanging out of a back pocket and another guy with rolled up long sleeves, and yet another with his jacket tied around his waist. I had my armwarmers in my back pocket by the time those photos were taken.

As the year comes to a close, I’ve taken stock of what I want to do this fall in terms of cycling. First, I’ve been branching out, looking to chores around the house like a little bit of lumberjacking and some building/repairs to our camper to fill my need for exercise. While it’s not the same as riding my bikes, it’s nice to get something done around the house and I needed to work something other than my legs. I’m also wanting to spend more time watching my kids with their sports and activities and, though it hasn’t been noticed yet, I’m trying to be a better husband in the process. I neglected that a bit and I can do better… I think where I’m going with this is that I’ve had a nice long run where I’ve concentrated on riding a lot. While my enthusiasm for cycling hasn’t waned a bit, I want to do some other things so I’m a little less two-wheel-centric in the off-season.

I may even see if I can talk my wife into pulling the skis out of the attic this winter… we haven’t been skiing in… my God, a looooong time. More will be revealed.