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DALMAC – 2021: Back with Friends Again… A Return to (Almost) Normal

I rode in our trek to Mackinaw City over the Labor Day weekend (first weekend of September). It was a fantastic return to almost normal. There were masks the first two days, but they were sparse. I don’t know of a single cyclist who isn’t vaccinated so masks were largely for show. Thankfully, at least, I didn’t see one cyclist all weekend wearing a mask while riding… and that was beyond a step in the right direction.

The route was switched around for the first day, but the remaining three were the same old routes. It was a different adventure, though, and that’s the beauty of DALMAC.

While you’ll always get the action shots on this blog, what you don’t see (and rarely will) are photos of the fellowship before and after the rides. I don’t take many photos of the private moments. The laughs shared waiting in line for a meal, or when putting up/taking down tents or our pop-up camper, or the trips to the ice cream shops Thursday and Friday evening after dinner.

Riding bikes is fantastic, especially a full 100 miles a day (or better), but that four-day weekend is always just as much about the fellowship, good times and laughs before and after the ride, as it is during the ride… and I’m lucky enough my wife joins the party!

After the ride is over and we’re all back to normal again, I still flip through the photos now and again and reflect on the fun that was had. Every time, I end up in the exact same frame of mind: God, am I grateful for this life. And that’s exactly as it should be.