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An Early Start to Trainer Season; Conversely, “What Sweet Hell is This!”


September 2021

Well, it’s raining cats and dogs and has been for the last couple of days and it won’t stop raining till later tonight. I’ve got ponds in my yard where ponds don’t belong. I hadn’t been on a bicycle since Sunday and I wasn’t going to miss yet another day. My saddle sores from DALMAC are long healed and I’m no longer in need of medication (Aquaphor and Cortizone 10, alternating, are fantastic), so, as one would expect with several days off in a row, I was a little antsy.

So with much trepidation, I threw the old Trek onto the CycleOps Magneto trainer (after putting a new battery in the speed sensor) and got dressed to roll.

I’d forgotten how hard that trainer is – I almost miss the good old days of my Giant Magnatron. Ah, the heady days of spinning easy, watching a movie, just putting my time in with the drivetrain in the top three gears. Oh, there was sweat and effort, because I always went into spring in pretty good shape, but I never really worked that hard at it.

My CycleOps trainer is a different story, though. That little torture device is work. This will be my third year on the thing and I’m toying with the idea that, rather than take it easy till the new year, as I normally would, I may just skip the easy period and keep after it. This is what I was thinking as I turned the cranks yesterday.

The jury is still out, though. That would be a lot of effort spread out over a long winter. However, what better have I got to do with my trainer time this offseason?

That’s the six-thousand-mile question, really. And the extra work would definitely have an upside. More as my thinking evolves on this later…


  1. Anthony says:

    I will be starting trainer season earlier this year. I plan to put more effort in and I am hoping to see the same benefits I did last year.

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