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How to Post Photos In WordPress and Get Around The 3 Gig Storage Limit (without resorting to 3rd party storage – PC Edition)

So, if you’re running Windows, and if you have a PC… anyway, Windows comes with a “snipping tool” app that allows you to take screenshots.

Well, those screenshots are a fraction of the size of a normal photo off a cell phone. Mine typically run around five or six megabytes. If I open a photo on my pc, then use the snipping tool to copy the image, when I save it to my desktop, with very little degredation in quality, I’m looking at 200 kb instead of 5 MB.

Better, if I really want to go low, if I post the photos on Strava first, then use the snipping tool to make a copy of those photos when I open them up on my pc, I can post a decent photo at a cost of a whole 100 kb.

This photo is 100 kb – on the nose

You can imagine how long it would take to use up 3 Gigs 100 to 300 kb at a swing. That’s 50 photos for the price of one.

Now, there are other ways around the WP limit (Dropbox is an example, though I’ve never bothered to fully learn how to use it), but I find the Microsoft snipping tool to be easy enough not to bother with anything else.

250 kb – the original was 4.3 MB

Given the 3 GB limit, you’ll be able to post between 10,000 and 20,000 photos before you eat it up. If you upload standard photos, you’ll burn through your limit in about 600-ish.