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Daily Archives: October 9, 2021

Sweet Baby Jesus, Make It Stop

Some Days I Just Need a Day Off…

I’ve got about a dozen topics rolling around in my head but can’t make one of them gel. I’ve started a new post but abandoned it after a few paragraphs, to pick it up another day. I began work on an old draft, one of 72, but gave that up after just a few sentences.

Most days I can let the words flow and come up with a decent post. Most times it’ll have to do with cycling, but every now and again life throws me a great topic to cover that has to do with recovery. I try to keep it about life experiences, whatever I’m writing about.

Days like today, though, it just isn’t clicking. In response, I’m phoning it in with this post. Some days it’s better to just sit back and let life happen. Today I’m thankful that I don’t have to get in there and stir things up so I can have something salacious to write about.