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A Good Attitude in Bad Times Goes A Long Way… This Is America

My daughter’s boyfriend, whilst driving the two to the movies in the rain (that’s right, folks Down Under, the movies), crashed. Well, not really crashed. He says he hydroplaned, went off the road, and ended up buried in the mud on the wrong edge of a 30’ drop into the woods… behind a guardrail.

Getting his car out was unbelievably hard.

Thankfully, the young kid really showed superior skill behind the wheel. He did a lot right under really difficult circumstances.

Nobody was hurt, not a scratch, no property damage, no… trouble.

And a police officer who was about as nice and graceful as you could hope, blocked traffic till the proper tow service got there. it took three trucks (two wrong flatbeds and a boom).

My wife and I, and my wife’s mom and stepdad all stayed till the car was out… somewhere around 10:30. I drove his car home and my wife drove his mom and the kids right to their driveway.

My wife’s mom followed us their Ford Excursion, a V8 piece of American awesomeness we call “The Beast” and picked us up and drove us back to our house.

There were no politics, no parties, no bullshit political football values that nobody really believes in when the rubber meets the mud. Just people helping people and being good to each other.

The tow drivers (there were more than one – that $#!+ was expensive) didn’t have a grievance about doing their job, the police officer was gracious and forgiving, not some trigger-happy maniac as portrayed in the press, and we weren’t belligerent to those who were helping us by earning their living. There was no ignorant critique of service. We were all grateful for their superior skill, decency and helpfulness and treated them as kindly and tactfully as was humanly possible … not as those “betters” who constantly find reason to be difficult and to complain, who find it impossible to keep their idiot (and often entirely wrong) opinions to themselves and their divisive, ignorant yap shut.

Last night wasn’t the America in the press. It was the Land of The Free, Home of the Brave ‘Merica you stop and put your hand on your heart for when the National Anthem plays.

America was as it should be in our corner of the country. It was, and so shall it ever be, good.