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Here’s Mud In Your Eye: The Cider Ride Pt. 2

My friends and I went out for our second cider ride of the year in what turned out to be an absolute muck-fest. It was epically muddy and it’s likely going to take me having to pull the crank apart tonight to get it clean. I did the rest of the bike yesterday, but with as much mud as we went through yesterday (35 miles of it). Typically speaking, mud bog rides tend to anger me a little bit because I know what comes after the ride: an hour or two hosing the bike down, cleaning off the mud, and drying it off, followed by lubing everything… and my wife rode with us, so I have to take care of two bikes.

We rolled out on damp pavement for the first mile or so, but once we were 100 yards (or meters) onto the dirt, it didn’t matter. It was going to be the same cleaning required whether we turned around and did paved roads or 35 miles in the dirt. It was a complete slog… and somewhere within the first five miles I became okay with it. Maybe “accepted” it is a better way to put it, I don’t know. Within eight miles I was actually having fun.

The donuts and cider were outstanding as one would expect with freshly fried cinnamon sugar donuts and fresh-pressed apple cider. We hit the orchard at 25-miles or so.

We had a fantastic group, too. My wife, both Chucks, Winston, Matt, Diane and Jeff, Brad and Marty, a new guy to our weekend group (he’d ridden with some in the gang for decades).

And I found out the exact number of donuts that, when properly mixed with apple cider by violently shaking the two together over a series of washboard potholes, become a gut bomb. That would be three. Two are rough but doable for the ride home. Three takes some concentration to keep down – and I couldn’t put the foot too deep into the carburator or bad things will happen, to use automobile parlance.

Thankfully, we had a few on the ride who weren’t in the mood to light it up so we didn’t get into redlining it. We just rolled steady and easy and had fun.

Exactly my idea of a fun way to spend a Halloween morning.