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Life is too short to be a drunk

I have a special place in my heart for the still sick and suffering.

When I think back on what I was like as a drunk kid, trying to make being an uncontrollable drunk work, I always settle on the jumping off point in my mind. Too miserable to keep drinking, but too scared to stop.

Life would be so boring if I have to quit, I thought.

If that describes where you, or someone you know is at, send them a link to this post.

What you think will be boring is a mistaken understanding of what life will be like when you quit. That’s exactly how it worked with me.

Think of a spring morning. It’s windy, cloudy, cold… you want to go outside but it doesn’t look good. You decide to throw caution to the wind and put on shoes and a jacket. And pants. You head out and ten minutes later, the clouds break and the warmth hits you like the rays actually came from heaven.

Now imagine that not hungover. Ahem.

That’s the difference between staying drunk and recovering, only better. It’s like stepping out of a blizzard into a summer’s day at the beach. And you literally don’t have a care in the world. You don’t have to have a care in the world because you cleaned up the wreckage of your past a decade ago and you quit throwing things in the heap you used to drag behind you.

Oh, life still throws us a curve here or there. I still learn new things about how I can be a better “me”. When it comes down to it, though… I thank God for being on the right side of the grass pumping air, every morning and every evening.

The key is working towards a good life. Recovery is tricky. You get out of it better than what you put into it… but you won’t get anything if you choose to sit on your hands and hope it comes to you.

I can promise you this, though. If you work a program of recovery, like it’s meant to be worked, your life will become so good you’ll think it can’t possibly get any better. Six months later, you’ll realize it did. All by itself. You will know freedom, peace and happiness, and it will be good.

Now think about what your potential is, drunk. What I describe above is worth the effort.

I’ve been to that place where I think life can’t possibly get better so many times I’ve lost count. I keep coming back, though, because it does get better. All by itself. And at this point, I want to see just how “good”, “good” really is.

Don’t be afraid. You’ll like it. If you don’t, your misery can be refunded. All you have to do is take a drink to start the vortex spinning again.