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I Had to Go to Work for a Rest from My Weekend (And That’s As It Should Be).

Saturday was easy but full. We rode gravel bikes well before sunrise so we could get back to head down to my youngest daughter’s last swim meet of the season. She’d seeded in all four of her events Friday evening (50 free, 100 free, 200 medley relay, 200 free relay) the night before with some fantastic personal bests for the season – she broke 28 seconds for the 50 free for the first time in all three of her 50 yard events and broke a minute for the first time in the 100. And she’s only a sophomore this year.

So Saturday was her finals, starting at 11 several towns east. After, she went to see a movie with her boyfriend and I took my wife out to dinner at her favorite burger joint, then to see the new Bond movie (which was excellent). I slept like a brick Saturday night.

I slept in Sunday morning till 4:30, thankfully. With DST over for the year, this was easy. The temp for the morning was moderate for this time of year at 42 (about 6 C I think) and it was supposed to be a glorious day so we had it planned to roll on the road bikes. The ride was phenomenal and a little over two hours. We got in just under 40 miles.

Before I even showered I had my wife’s gravel bike out for some much needed maintenance. Her seatpost was creaking something fierce and she wanted her saddle raised a sliver. Two birds, one stone. Then, I didn’t like how her steering felt so I took apart the headset, cleaned and lubed everything and put it all back together. Much better. At that point, I realized how stinky I was, so I dropped everything and headed for the shower. Afterward, it was back at the gravel bike to clean some things up and lube the joints of the derailleurs. Then, my gravel bike. I cleaned the crank and put it back together.

My wife sat down in her chair for a nap and I sat down for a quick lunch.

Next up was the lawn. The leaves are falling heavily and we had massive amounts of rain the last couple of weeks. That was followed by a dry spell that culminated in a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. As soon as I’d attended to the bikes, it was time to get after the grass. That took a bit more than an hour and a half and it wasn’t my best job, but it was good enough for government work.

We had a cycling club board meeting at three, so it was “quick, put the bowling balls in the car and head out” to get there on time. The meeting took from 3 to 4:30 and we got a lot done, or at least “talked about”.

From there my wife and I shot over to Grand Blanc and had dinner at Qdoba (our favorite). Then to the bowling alley at 6:00 for a few games (198, 164, 186) before taking it home.

I put Sunday Night Football on and was out before the first commercial. I woke up on the couch a while later and took it to bed.

I’d started at 4:30 in the morning and didn’t stop till 9:30 that night. I slept like a rock last night. Didn’t move until I woke up to get ready to go to the office. I still can’t believe I got that much done in a day.