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I Eventually Arrive At My Destination: A Better Life

My goal when I first sobered up was not “a better life”. It wasn’t even a “good” life. At first, I just wanted the pain to stop. Addiction took a lot out of me and didn’t leave me with much. Now, to be clear, I gave up everything that was good in my life to be a drunk. “Drinking” or “addiction” didn’t take anything from me. This is a very important and powerful difference in how we look at life.

Over time, though, as I worked the recovery program and grew up, things got better to a point I was shocked that life could be that good.

Exactly like the quoted Title says (It’s from the Daily Reflections book, November 3rd), I arrived at a better life, even if it wasn’t initially my destination.

After that, I continue to stick around simply to see how good “good” can get. So far, it’s pretty freaking spectacular.

This is the miracle they’re talking about when they say, “Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens”. The day before I quit drinking I was looking for painless ways to end it all – a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Today, I’m thankful for every day I have above the grass.

Don’t quit before that happens for you. It’s truly awesome.

Speaking of, I’m currently in my month of celebration as I approach 29 years on the 18th (next Thursday). While some will say I’m a little early in my celebration, I’m okay with it. Like Bob T ’83, I celebrate the whole freaking month.

If you would like to know how bad it was when I quit and why I celebrate the whole month, check out this post (click here). It’s one of the best I’ve ever written.