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A Suprise in the Mailbox from A Friend


November 2021

I have Irish ancestry and I’ve always thought that pretty cool. We have a massive Italian family who adopted us as their own, but we’re adopted by and married to Italy. I’ve got Irish blood pumping through my veins, though. WordPress bridged the pond and shrunk the world, introducing the Unironedman (first through his wife, who followed my blog and I hers) and I years ago and we’ve kept loose contact since, through the occasional gift and emails and on each other’s blogs.

So, I’ve been expecting a tool in the mail from Amazon. Every afternoon I dutifully check the mailbox… and nothing. Then, yesterday afternoon, I found a small package which I assumed to be that torx key I’d been waiting on.

As I inspected the package closer, I saw it was from my friend from Ireland. Two neck gaiters from his last marathon with a nice note.

One thing is certainly excellent about WordPress; it makes the world a smaller place. And for my friends in Ireland, I’m more than grateful.

Thank you, Dec & Saoirse. My wife and I will enjoy our cold-weather rides a little more than usual sporting our Royal Canal Greenway Marathon neck gaiters.


  1. hello
    i know you are a lot of followers.
    i m a you new follower and i hope you will visit and follow my blog too.
    thank you
    have a good day
    Nice to know you

  2. The Omil says:

    I too have been buffed up. The man is a star.

  3. idlecyclist says:

    Snap, we’ll have organise a group photo 📸

    in the buff

  4. unironedman says:

    So that’s where they went? Dang! I was looking for them 😉

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