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Hobnobbing with Hobnobbers and Finding Serenity in Hobnobbery Outside of My Element

D’you ever have one of those days? I left work early to take my daughter out to lunch. We ate, we laughed, we had a glowing time.

So far, so good.

I headed home, picked up my vaccination card and headed over to get my booster (my sister is flying in for Christmas after having surgery to remove part of her lung to beat cancer – it was a success). It is important that I do what I can to make sure she goes home without a hitchhiker even though being fully, fully vaccinated won’t stop the virus – it’ll just help me fight it better, as the science goes. Still, it made my sister feel better and that’s good enough for me.

Got the poke in my right arm. Bueno.

On the way home, all hell broke loose at work. The biggest job we’ve got was falling apart at the seams and it was on me to put it back together. I was on the phone for well over an hour and on “high alert”. My arm started hurting in waves shortly thereafter. Not terrible at first, but noticeable. I felt quite good, though, as I started getting ready for my wife’s board Christmas party up at Zehnder’s World Famous Fried Chicken in Frankenmuth. I wasn’t aware, as we were on our way up, that my wife put the shindig together and was a large part responsible for things coming off without a hitch. I would be off on my own in a roomful of a few hundred people, not one of which I knew.

After we dropped our coats at our table, my wife introduced me to the husband of one of her friends. We hit it off quite well and talked for the better part of fifteen minutes before their table started filling up. I went back to my table where I chose to sit alone for a bit. I sent my daughter a text or two, then put my phone away and took in the crowd. A couple, the wife of whom sits on the board with my wife sat down with her husband and we began shooting the breeze. Unlike many in the crowd who were quite well educated, the four of us were normal folk so it was easy going after breaking the ice.

Surprisingly, five hours after having gotten my poke, I wasn’t feeling the least bit off. Hope blossomed as we ate a fantastic dinner.

Shortly after dinner, however, the fun was over. It wasn’t a crash like my two previous Covid shots, the suck washed over me as we drove home. We were home and I was a sleep shortly after 9pm… and I was up at 1:41 am, full-on fever and shivers had set in and I couldn’t warm up. The pain was tolerable, but getting worse so I tried to fall back to sleep for an hour before getting up and taking some Tylenol. It was like taking a walking stick to a Stormtrooper deployment on Scarif. There was no way I was falling back to sleep.

So here I am at work and I shouldn’t be. But I also should have waited till this afternoon to get my shot, so it is what it is.

To the main point, though! Whenever I find myself getting nervous about the crowd I happen to be with, I always fall back to one simple truth; they put their pants on just like I do and we all want to be happy in the end. That simple thought keeps it in proper perspective for me… and so I hobnob with the hobnobbers and can find serenity in hobnobbery outside of my normal crowd.