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On Passing 12,000 km For 2021 (I Kept Forgetting to Convert 7,500 Miles to Kilometers, But 12,000 Kms Sounds Way Sexier than 7,500 Miles)!

I was reading a friend’s post early this morning in which he announced he’d crossed the 12,000 kilometer threshold for the year. I, being the curious fellow I am, wondered how many miles that was. So I did had Google do the conversion for me, right around 7,456 miles. That sounded strangely familiar, so I looked at my yearly mileage and I’m currently sitting on 7,535 after yesterday morning’s ride.

Now, in the scheme of things, 7,500 is on the shallow side for me, but looking at the bright side, I’ve had a lot of changes that I’ve had to work on throughout the year and I feel lucky to have been able to be as active as I was. It’s been a crazy ride.

Anyway, to the point in the Title: It’s almost enough for me to wish the US would switch to the metric system: 12,000 kilometers is way sexier than 7,500 miles! It’s been one heck of an interesting year.

Ride hard, my friends.