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Road Bikes, BABY! One Last Day… Well, In the Gloomy, Damp, Cloudy Dark – But It Was Warm Enough for ROAD BIKES! WOOHOO!

This could very well have been my best week of cycling in December. Ever.

Saturday was a little bit of a mess. We had to ride our gravel bikes on the paved roads because the dirt roads were wet from rain the night before. Sunday was a fantastic morning for a ride… then I rode Monday, Tuesday and last night as well. Five days in a row, in December. Well, sadly this all ended with that road bike ride last night, because the wind is already picking up around here and riding in 30 to 40-mph winds isn’t my cup of tea… let alone doing that in the dark.

But what a ride it’s been. 110 fantastic miles in five days/nights.

Chuck texted just before lunchtime to see if I could come out to play after work and suggested if we did the same route as the night before, the ride home would be great… except he didn’t account for the rain the night before not mixing well with dirt. It was supposed to be almost 60 degrees at 6pm, too. I asked for road bikes and suggested our normal loop. Chuck agreed and I prepped the Trek once I got home. The plan was to leave at 4:30 rather than 5. I hate risking the phone ringing in that 30-minute stretch, but some things must be done to get bikes on roads.

We had a big south wind, so the end of the ride was going to suck pretty hard with three of the last four miles dead into it, but the rest of the ride was going to be great. I threw my leg over the top tube and rolled out, chuckling as I left the driveway at how easy the Trek’s crank went ’round compared to that of my gravel bike. Nothing beats the free speed of a road bike after four weeks on the gravel and mountain bikes.

There wasn’t a minute of that ride I wasn’t grateful for having one last shot at a road bike before the weather turns (tomorrow). The ride was fun, fast, and enjoyable as they get.

There’s no question I appreciate dirt road riding on a gravel bike. The lack of traffic on dirt roads makes my gravel bike worth its weight in… erm… Sterling Silver? That is, until you throw a leg over an 18 pound road bike and cruise effortlessly down the road (with a crosswind) at 20-mph. Ah, my glorious Trek 5200. How I missed thee.