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Heading Into New Year Celebrations for the Recovering Person… and Rule Number One

I was going to take the day off writing today, but a topic hit me that I couldn’t shake, no matter how hard I tried. This means only one thing: someone needs this post. It might only be one person on the whole freaking planet, but I’ll guarantee-freaking-tee you, it will get to the right person.

I’ve seen this work too many times to question it. I just do as I’m told and get it done.

So, we’re getting into the silly season where we recovering folk can struggle. Never mind that we got lit for all form of big and small reasons, the New Year is cause for concern for a massive part of our population.

Here’s my tip to stay safe, sober and happy:

Don’t drink. Don’t do drugs. Even if your ass falls off. And, in the event it does, put it in a paper bag and take it to a meeting. Someone will be able to show you how they put theirs back on.

If you’re hit with even a small urge to use, call someone and talk about it. Meet that person for lunch, dinner or a meeting.

Don’t try to go it alone. Lean on your friends for help. Not just for your sake, you’ll help them at the same time. Trust me. You don’t ever have to go through what you did to get here again. Just don’t use. And, should you want to become an old-timer, add to “don’t use”, “don’t die”.

Recover hard, my friends. Living a happy life is worth the effort.