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Welcome to 2022! Ditching Sirloin for Cabbage Steaks? Let Me Show You A Guy with Two Thumbs That’ll Take a Hard Pass!

January 2022

I woke up to this in my news feed: “Skip the Sirloin, Head Straight for the Cabbage Steaks”. It’s going to be that kind of year. Apparently cauliflower steaks are falling out of favor. Or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those Neanderthals who believes someone who writes something so goofy as “skip the sirloin and head for the cabbage” should be silenced, banned or otherwise receive 1,000 lashes with a wet noodle. On the contrary, someone get that knucklehead a megaphone, because some stupid sells itself!

See, that’s the funny thing about the whole “ban this” and “censor that” “woke” movement. Take AOC as an example. Conservatives don’t want her banned! We want someone to give her a bullhorn, because that woman is obviously nuts (and no, I have no desire whatsoever to “date” her) and every time she opens her mouth she drives more people to the conservative side than she attracts to her corner of dumb island.

No, those who seek to ban thought, speech and writing do so because they have no hope of debating against logic, science and sound reason. They’re the one standing behind a crate of cabbages, saying “cabbage steaks are way better than sirloins!” And they’ll try to get you cancelled if you disagree.

Speaking of, do you know where the term “capitalism” originated? See, way back when, the commmmmies found it increasingly difficult to rail against the “free market”. You can’t rail against freedom effectively – again, it’s like trying to sell cabbage steaks over sirloins. Oh, you’ll convert one or two knuckleheads, but everyone else will laugh at you because you’re trying to sell lettuce as an alternative to steak. Well, commies, Marxists, Leninists, etc., etc., ad nauseum can’t take someone laughing at them – especially when you get the Nieman Marxists and Champagne Socialists together and one says, “politicians ruling over the economy is much better than a free market” and everyone busts out laughing… well, those fragile egos just can’t handle that, so they came up with “capitalism” because it’s easier to impugn than “freedom”.

Now, if you’re one of those and, when you impugn “capitalism” whilst trying to insist “socialism” should be preferable and someone like me laughs at you, you’ll know why. People like me know you’re trying to sell cabbage steaks to someone who eats sirloins whenever the desire strikes.

And that’s why you want someone banned, condemned, shadow banned, relegated to the corner, ostracized, fired, or disliked – because at the end of the day, cabbage is still cabbage, baby.

For the rest of the dummies, if they’re that dumb, hand them the bullhorn. Let them prove your point for you.

Just a thought.


  1. elisariva says:

    When I read the title, the last thing I expected was going political. What made me chuckle was the lack of dietary knowledge the source you read had. Banning a protein to replace with a carb makes no sense. Now – on the environmental front I could see where banning steak in favor of plant based protein might make sense. Truthfully, cattle makes up for about 30% of carbon emitted in the air. That said, the last thing I am in favor of is replacing animal protein with plant protein. We just don’t have enough farmland to accommodate it. Where I think the next mega-billionaire will come from is the person who can create a safe and effective antacid – for cows. Once they stop burping and passing gas, the problem is solved! See what I did there? I took it to a different semi political level that both sides *should* be able to agree on. Happy New Year, my friend!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Ah, you touched on something… and where this gets REALLY interesting; if we were going to go the route of saving the emitted carbon from cattle (as some, not you, have suggested), you actually have to, you know, kill ALL OF THEM to realize that “savings”. I don’t think many people think beyond that to the extinction event (why does something always have to be killed off to sate politicians, anyway?).

      They’re already working on collection systems… but it’s problematic, as you could imagine.

      Finally, banning steaks never makes sense (especially when plant protein is often worse for the environment than animals when it’s all laid out). Never, ever, ever, ever. Especially not for a cabbage steak! And that these things don’t make sense, for exactly the reason you mention, was the whole point. No matter how you slice a cabbage steak, it doesn’t replace a good old steak – but all of the science and common sense in the world and the author of that silly article still wrote it. Which was the point I was getting to. I just went the long way to get there.

      Happy New Year Elisa. 😉

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