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Whatever Happened to Those God-awful Compression Socks, Anyway? Wait, on Second Thought…


January 2022

I was reading a post a friend wrote yesterday that got me laughing, remembering the horrible, terrible, all bad, no good look of someone in black, or worse, multi-colored compression socks.

Oh, you remember the look.

A veritable assplosion of color!

I’ve got to be straight, here. I hated that look and am actually a little giddy at the fact that fad has faded like a nasty SBD fart in the wind.

The fad started with runners but popularity escalated and quickly jumped to cycling by way of the faddiest of faddies, triathletes. Folks, I might have the order mixed up, here. It very well could have started with triathletes because if ever there was a group of people prone to completely immersing themselves in a fad, it’s a triathlete.

And so I started seeing them at rides, on their $15,000 Quintana Roo with 80 mm carbon wheels and their $300 tri kit, in their compression socks… as I blew by on my ‘99 Trek 5200 road bike.

To tell the truth, I always put a little extra into passing someone like that.

And just like that, they were, thank merciful Jesus, gone. Come to think of it, we don’t even see them in the evenings on the long tours, anymore…

And the universe thankfully takes away, restoring righteousness to sport by sucking compression socks down the black memory hole to hell.

Where they belong.

Praise be to Jesus.


  1. “The faddiest of faddies…” I love that phrase, bro. Yes, I’m glad I missed out on that whole colorful compression sock thing. Good reading.

  2. Gerry says:

    I’ll add an ‘amen’ to that, too!

  3. The triantelopes have moved on. These days it’s all about saving watts with aero socks! 😂

  4. I have to admit that I wear compression socks for running. I have a terrible gait and I’m very prone to shin splints. I have had to stop running a number of times but compression socks have helped me prevent the shin splints and keep on running. I haven’t gone down the coloured rabbit hole though, black only for me 😉

  5. unironedman says:

    Alas, I can’t claim injury, like Niall. I only occasionally wear a pair for running when it’s bone cold. But definitely triathletes are to blame for a lot of weird shit alright 😉

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