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Biking, Bowling, Family, A Trip to the Local Diner & Nachos; Almost a Perfect Winter Saturday

I woke up early Saturday, then went back to sleep after a cup of coffee.  I wrote my post and caught up on my posts and Strava kudos, then shut the computer down, rolled over and fell back asleep – guessing, about 5 am.  I slept till after 9.  It was awesome.

My wife and I set up our trainers because it was miserably cold and windy outside… we’re deep into winter here in Michigan, and 1 F (-17C) is just too damn cold to enjoy a bike ride outdoors.

After riding we showered up and took the kids to our new favorite weekend breakfast spot. Breakfast was marvelous and probably a little too big. We headed home and played some cards, the four of us before my daughter headed back to college.

My wife had some work in the attic, shifting things around so I took the opportunity to head over to the bowling alley to get a few games of practice in. Friday night’s wasn’t my best performance and I had one thing to figure out before next week; how to move to change my lines when my shot isn’t coming in right.

For decades I’ve tried to stick with the same shot no matter what the lane gives me. Using old, dead urethane strike balls, this wasn’t terrible because they didn’t hook up like a new ball does. I lined up on same board for my right foot, the same target board for my ball, and depending on whether or not the ball was hooking, increase or decrease the speed. This is the hardest way there exists to bowl other than throwing a straight ball. Sure, the approach and release point on the lane stays the same, but with constant speed adjustments, if I’m a little off, I’m looking at a spare. Put simply, there isn’t enough margin for error.

So I threw a warm-up game, a decent 187. Then I threw a game where I tried to make my shot work… it wasn’t good. A 170. For my last game, I moved right (I’m left handed) and worked angles rather than speed. I dialed it in almost immediately and after an opening spare, struck twice. I got a little cocky on the next shot and missed my spare try. I spared the next frame then hit three strikes in a row – and they were no-doubters, hammering the pocket. I finished the game with marks and a solid 204.

With my daughter at her boyfriend’s house, my wife and I headed out to dinner at Qdoba, our favorite.  After dinner and some sparkling conversation, it was home for a movie… and it being well past my bedtime, I ended up falling asleep on the couch.  It was about as good as a winter’s day gets for me (unless we start skiing again).