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On Fit Recovery Approaching 1,000,000 Hits


January 2022

In the very near future, Fit Recovery will cross the millionth hit marker since I thought the blog up and published my first post a little more than a decade ago.

A million hits.

I received several comments over the years suggesting I should write more (or even exclusively) about recovery. They say all of the cycling stuff is a distraction from the good that I do writing about recovery. Believe it or not, I’m not lost on the idea but there are two distinct problems with that suggestion:

  1. Every single post on my top ten list for each year has something to do directly with cycling with one exception; I wrote a post about tight belt syndrome because I had it, struggled with it, and fixed it. That’s the one outlier. I’ve always figured it’s a good thing that the cycling posts bring the eyeballs to the recovery posts. I could be wrong about that assessment, but see #2.
  2. I really love writing about cycling, fitness and an active lifestyle. My daughters like to say I’m the most active dad they know. I write about recovery to freely give away that which saved my bacon and I write about cycling and fitness because it’s fun. One of the greatest things recovery has given me is the ability and cause to enjoy life – and I mean really love it. I try to pass on that passion in both topics.

And so it is what it is, my friends. I’ve actually been working on a little more substance around here, and a little less fluff. In the end, doing something good is more important to me than doing something fun. The key for me with writing fit recovery is that I can have both – it’s just a matter of figuring out the balance.

Thank you for reading, and for those friends I’ve made over the years, thank you for being the cherry on top.

In the end, recovery and fitness are both all about the friends we make. And blogging, too for that matter.


  1. The Omil says:

    Congratulations – that would take me about 50 years … but then again, I’m not writing about anything as important.

  2. Write about what you enjoy writing about, you’re more likely to be better at it if you are enjoying it. Congratulations too, that’s a very significant achievement and contribution 👏👏👏

  3. Brent says:

    Congrats on closing in on this milestone!

    I checked in my news reader app (I read the blog through an RSS reader, so I always see what you post) and I subscribed almost 9 years ago, so I’ve been a reader almost since the beginning.

    I keep coming back because the cycling stuff reminds me of the value of getting up off the couch. It really helps me with the internal “I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome. It’s always easier to just keep sitting on the couch than to get saddled up and get out there. But your reminders of how much fun you’re having are very helpful in breaking through the endless chatter in my head.

    And that is a definite help to my recovery. If you focused only on the recovery stuff, there are thousands of blogs that talk endlessly about the program, meetings, steps, sponsors and everything else, and I probably wouldn’t read your stuff as often. Not that I don’t appreciate what you write that’s just about recovery, but the best place to get intensive recovery-focused perspective is at a meeting.

  4. I guess if you’d known that back then, you could have had two blogs; one cycling one recovery. But I think the two subjects are in their own way linked. They’re intertwined into your story and who you are. I came for the cycling, but I still get a LOT out of your recovery posts too. Thanks for putting your story, experience and advice out there! 🙂

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