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The Time to Get Ready for the Spring Cycling Season Is Upon Us: And That Time Is Every Day! Only FASTER! Edition

This post is for you, Jeff.

In one of the most inspiring moments ever, and in one of the greatest lines ever uttered by a Vice President of the United States, right next to Dan Quayle instructing a child to misspell the word “potato”, Kamal Harris inspired me to kick it into high gear for spring when she stated, “It is time for us to do what we’ve been doing. And that time is every day.”

Now, if you haven’t seen the clip (shame on you), you have to get the picture in your head right for this too, as she started shaking her head slowly when as she said, “And that time is every day” with the most serious, straight face I’ve seen from the VP. It was moving. Something.

SO! The time is upon us to get ready for springtime. We’ve just got a month and a handful of days before we’re outside again. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to start pushing the big gears – well, actually big up front and little in the back, but you catch my drift! That bike ain’t gonna pedal itself into the wind once all of this ice thaws, baby. We need to start pushing those hard gears now so when spring does roll around, we’re not the one trying to throw a lasso around one of the other riders for a tow, we’re with the lead group, dishing out the pain!

Can you feel it?! Spring is coming!

Well, that might be going a little far. It’s going to be 22 today. That’s -5.5 C in Moose Latin. But let’s not get lost in the weeds, baby! It’s time to get motivated! It’s time to eat some freaking salads and lose that Christmas cookie fat! It’s time to get those legs used to pedaling hard into the spring wind! Our legs are the change we’ve been waiting for!

So here’s the “And that time is every day” workout schedule:

  1. We don’t take more than two days off per week. Go with a Tuesday and Friday or something.
  2. So, technically, the time is not really every day, it’s kinda “most days”. Still, “And that time is every day” would make a good t-shirt… or jersey.
  3. Monday is an easy day. Tuesday off. Wednesday is “grind a hard gear” day. Thursday is a moderate day. Friday off. Saturday intervals followed by an easy to moderate spin after the interval workout. Sunday is a moderate to hard day, hammering the bigger gears.
  4. Do some push-ups and sit-ups three or four days a week.
  5. This will get your ass in gear so when it really comes time to hit the road hard when the snow and ice melts, you’re not trying to grab onto someone else’s pocket when the pace gets a little hectic.

Let’s get it done, my friends! Ride hard!


Somebody pass the cucumbers and carrots!