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Bowling and What to Do When You Burn Up All of Your Oil and Start Over-hooking (But Don’t Have Enough Hook to Move Into the Oil)

I have an interesting problem that I solved with the help of the interwebz and an old-timer who does videos for Radical Bowling (video embedded below). I am what they call a “rev challenged” bowler. I bowl two or three times a week and I’m not going to put much more than that into the sport – It’s a great winter hobby and I have a lot of fun with it, but I don’t see bowling being much more than that.

Several weeks ago I decided to try to get a little better. I’ve thrown hand-me-down bowling balls ever since I started bowling – I’ve never owned a new ball. I decided on a Hammer Scorpion with help from Kevin, the pro shop owner at Grand Blanc Lanes. I love the ball – it’s fantastic, and so much easier to throw than what I was throwing previously. Next, I bought a plastic spare ball. Another great purchase. I’d miss a 7-pin or two every Friday night because I was trying to throw a poorly fitted ball that didn’t hook as much as my strike ball, but would hook enough I had to throw all the way across the lane to pick it. If I missed my target by more than a board or two, I was either in the gutter or I’d over-hook and miss – and because the hole layout was too small for my hands, I couldn’t comfortably flatten my hand to throw the ball straighter. It was a mess.

I thought this would be enough, but then I found once I’d burned up the oil on the left edge and tried to move right into more oil, I’d go from medium oil right into heavy. Well, being rev challenged, my first move right (feet only) was fine but my second move (feet and target) would get me into too much oil and I’d miss everything light.

To fix this I figured I should go to a weaker ball, maybe a purple Hammer urethane, so I could simply switch balls and stay on my line when I burned it out with the Scorpion. Seemed like a good enough idea at the time. Then I watched the aforementioned video and something dawned on me; it might not be such a good idea to lock myself in to only staying on that one line. What if I went to a ball that could get through the oil and still make the pocket? Rather than weaker, I went more aggressive in the type of ball and the layout (the way the holes are laid out on the ball

I FBM m).

Sure enough, on the first night using my new Brunswick Quantum Evo Solid, once I’d burned my favorite line out with my Hammer, I switched to the Quantum, moved right into the oil where I’d normally struggle just to hook up and get spares. It took a few frames to get used to what I was doing, but sure enough, once I figured it out I was drilling the pocket.

Now, this isn’t without its problems. With the more aggressive ball, I burned out a line that was working great faster than expected, so I’ll have to learn to start moving sooner after switching, but the end result was undeniable – and choosing to “ball up” means I’ve opened up more alley rather than limiting my options by “balling down” to stay on the same line.

What an excellent idea!