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I Hate Cold Mixed with Bikes

See, I just got this straight in my head… I don’t hate cold weather (especially now that I have a car with remote starting capabilities!). I love sledding. I love skiing. I love hockey and skating… heck, if I did it, I might even like snowshoeing…

But I have a very large problem when it comes to mixing bicycles with cold.

I know, we’ve got fat bikes now. And I also know there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices – but you know what? When it’s 75 and freaking sunny outside, there’s no such thing as a bad clothing choice (as long as one sticks to common decency, etc., ahem).

When it’s even close to decent out I don’t have to worry about matching which technical base layer with which long-sleeve or whether I should just go with a jacket or two layers on the legs plus the neck gaiter… and let’s not forget the hat, socks, over-shoes, gloves, glasses…

You know why I like winter? One reason: I don’t have to f*** around with five times the crap I do when I ride every decent day during the spring, summer and fall. For a few months of the year I can stay fit in my living room and I don’t have to worry about getting the bike ready, getting dressed in all of that gear, getting my ride in (which takes twice as long as my usual trainer ride), then get all of that crap off, get in the shower, pins and freaking needles, get the bike cleaned up… Hell, it’s 7:30 in the evening before I get to eat dinner!

On the trainer, I’m ready for dinner at 6:15 if I play my cards right.

And that’s why bikes, cold and me don’t mix.