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The Easiest Heart to Mend is the Broken Heart…

“Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken.” – Amy Poehler

Quote of the love.

Think about this next time the one you chose to love is on your last nerve: ask anyone who is suffering from a heart attack and is about to check out for good, “do you wish you’d been meaner to your spouse?”

You’ll get one or two… in 100,000.

There’s no fixing the heart that blows up. There’s no filling a heart to its capacity. And when you’re gone, you can’t go back and try again.

I’ll give it my best today.

I’d rather be at peace when the time comes than utter as my last words, “Ah shit”.

Back Pain: Is It the Mattress or the Pillow? An Overnight Experience in Pain.

My wife and I picked up a new mattress a while back. I’m a soft mattress kind of guy. My wife likes something a little firmer, so we compromised on what we felt was a great medium.

We got it home and I LOVED it. My wife, not so much. It was a little too firm and it hurt her hip and back. She went through quite a bit of pain and after a short test period, decided to trade it in for a soft mattress. I was ecstatic. The current one was good enough, but a true soft mattress? Oh, it was going to be awesome!

We got everything worked out and picked the new, upgraded mattress we wanted, agreed to terms and the exchange procedure and signed on the dotted line.

We took back our medium mattress and picked up the new one last week. We put the required mattress protector on, then our sheets, then our pillows… then went about the rest of our day. That first night was spectacular.

The second, after bowling a little too excessively Friday evening, was a little rough. I figured it was too many games and didn’t worry about it. I loosened up after a bit and forgot about my tragic tail of pain and woe the night before. I woke up Sunday in a lot more pain. It was brutal. I took a couple of Advil/Acetaminophen pills and, after a cup of coffee, fell asleep on the couch. I woke up fine and put it to too much bowling on Friday and Saturday (I took my wife and daughter for a few games Saturday).

After watching my favorite quarterback on my new favorite team with the Super Bowl last night, I crashed… and woke up at 2am in agony. This was not bowling. I was worried it was the mattress… I didn’t want to have to go through the return process again.

Then I realized I’d been using the wrong pillow. It was one of those “just dawned on me” things. I switched pillows to something less bulky and heavy and fell back asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later feeling like a new me. My back pain was gone.

If I’m sleeping on a firm mattress, it doesn’t matter what kind of pillow I use, it’s going to cause me some severe pain. On our new mattress, though, it didn’t compute that the pain could be caused by it. My body said otherwise, though. Until I switched my pillow and could feel my body relax and the pain and tension ease. I was shocked at how quickly everything changed. And how much better I feel this morning compared to yesterday.

Update: It’s the next morning. I woke up with zero lower back pain today. Zero. No AdviNol, no trouble bending to the floor to pick something up… in fact, no bending to the floor to stretch my back out enough to walk around! Two days ago I was wondering if I was just getting old and the pain just caught up with my active life. Today I feel ten to fifteen years younger than my 51 years.

All because I changed my pillow.

Also, please see Niall’s comment below, as he is a professional.