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1,000,000 Hits for Fit Recovery

I started this blog because I needed a writing outlet. After giving it some thought, I decided on fitness and recovery – specifically because I ran with a group on Saturday morning at a friend’s house on a lake and we’d always talk about how much better recovery was because we ran. I asked two friends to write content with me but they wouldn’t commit. I decided to go it alone and set up the site with some help on December 16th, 2011.

Today or tomorrow I’ll pass 1,000,000 hits on my counter (home page, on the left, scroll down a short little bit).

I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, angered a few people, etc. but I’ve always tried to write with integrity and decency. If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know I don’t have a shortage on passion. I shoot from the heart and probably get more credit than I deserve for being witty (but I’ll take it all the same).

The main idea behind my blog has been simple; the program of recovery, the actual Twelve Step program, only makes sense to an alcoholic or addict who is at the end of the rope, by nature. That said, there are normal world applications of the principles that people who normally wouldn’t have access can use.

I write about them here.

In addition to cycling. Lots and lots of cycling. And bowling. Because bowling is really cool. And my wife and kids and house… and all of the really awesome stuff that happens in my life because I choose to live a life in recovery, one day at a time.

Special thanks to my daughters, who had all of their friends check out my blog over the last couple of days to get me over the line a week sooner than I figured possible. Super cool.

Back Pain: The Mattress or the Pillow? It Was…

So, I updated my post from yesterday in which I explored the idea that using the wrong pillow may have been to blame for some intense back pain that I was ready to attribute to our new mattress.

Long story short, we picked up a new mattress the other day. My wife and I keep two pillows each on the bed, I’m assuming because it makes the bed look more inviting. When I go to sleep, one pillow goes betwixt the bed and the wall and I sleep on the other. Well, when we put the new mattress on the box spring, I grabbed the wrong pillow when I went to sleep that night. Three days later and I was in a whole lot of pain. Two AdviNol would knock the edge off, but it wouldn’t go completely away.

I thought it was the mattress.

I reasoned, at 2 in the morning after being woken up by the pain, that it might just be the pillow. I put my pillow on the floor and laid my head directly on the mattress… and my back pain started to fade. I grabbed my other pillow, the one from behind the bed, and used that one instead. I woke up a couple of hours later feeling much better.

Last night I used the proper pillow again and woke up pain-free. I slept like a brick and feel like a Hundred Dollars this morning. Err, sorry, inflation. Call it a Buck-thirty. Anyway, Niall posted a comment on the blog yesterday that really mattered, so I wanted to share it here:

Your pillow is a mattress for the head and equally as important as the actual mattress.

Friends, my experience backs that up exactly. I’ll never look at pillows the same again.